FlexPakRenew Project


The objective of Flexpakrenew is to design and develop an innovative ecoefficient low-substrate flexible paper for packaging from renewable resources to reduce the packaging industry’s reliance on barrier films derived from petroleum.


The technical challenge in this project is to develop a flexible paper, based on multilayered structure with a total grammage between 50 and 90 g/m², that achieves barrier properties competitive with those of untreated plastic films (medium barrier) or to treated plastic films (high barrier). The definition of barrier properties in the current context encompasses grease, water, oxygen, water vapour and aroma barrier. The novel functional flexible packaging will be developed using renewable materials and latest developments in nanotechnology, beyond state-of-the-art barrier coatings and innovative surface treatment processes.

Markets addressed

The global demand for flexible packaging is forecast to increase by 5% annually until 2010 reaching approximately 16 millions tons per year (i.e. a value of approximately 41 billion €). The demand in Europe is the largest market for these packaging grades and exceeds that of the US and Canada combined. Flexible packaging for food and non food goods are the two targets of Flexpakrenew.

Eco efficiency

Special attention will be paid to sustainability assessment and life cycle analysis throughout the project, namely regarding ecoefficient material processing, optimised recycling ability and biodegradability. A substantial reduction in the amount of packaging going to landfill is expected, together with considerably faster environmental degradation of the new packaging materials. The development of the new packaging products for a global market will make a significant contribution towards the reduction of the dependency of the packaging sector on petroleum resources and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The project will strengthen the position of Europe as a lead market in the area of packaging.


Flexpakrenew is a Small and Medium-Scale focused collaborative research project (budget between 1 and 5M€), financed by European Commission in the framework of the FP7 program addressing the main work program topic: NMP-2007-2.4-3 : Renewable materials for functional packaging applications.


This project, coordinated by CTP, associate 10 partners from 6 European countries.



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